ICANKid worked with many international partners to build a platform of “learning like playing” for Vietnamese children

ICANKid worked with many international partners to build a platform of “learning like playing” for Vietnamese children

ICANKid is one of the few Vietnamese apps that has established a cooperation program with many world-class content partners, providing an international standard "learning like playing" route for children aged 2-6.

The "learning like playing" application helps children learn Vietnamese, English and develop multiple skills

Right from the launch of the ICANKid app, Galaxy Education has collaborated with education experts for children aged 2 to 6 with the goal of providing a platform of “learning like playing” in just one app. ICANKid is currently receiving millions of downloads and 5-star parental reviews on Android and iOS platforms.

Through the cute animated characters of Owl, Little Chick, Monkey and Hedgehog, children can begin to step into the world of learning, playing and reading stories.

ICANKid application interface is friendly to children from 2-6 years old

Each character in the ICANKid’s group of friends will have their own tasks. Owl character offers international standard English learning programs from Pearson with lively games, Little Chick with Vietnamese language learning program through interesting games. Monkey shares a rich world of videos, songs that help children sing, dance to the music and lyrics, and Hedgehog with a library of Vietnamese and English stories from reputable publishers.

From games with super cute characters, your baby will learn to speak English, get acquainted with Vietnamese, thereby comprehensively develop both languages ​​(bilingual: English - Vietnamese) as well as critical thinking and cognitive ability, emotion - socializing, physical, aesthetic - creative.

Collaboration with the world's leading entertainment and education partners

Right from the start of application development, the ICANKid team has set a goal to bring quality content from the leading publishers and content producers for children.

Names like Moonbug with the character CoComelon, Little Baby Bum, Blippi; Smart Study is famous with Pinkfong; Entertainment One's Peppa Pig family; funny characters from Kim Dong Publishing House, Writers' Association Publishing House, Literature Publishing House… in turn appear on the app as a proof.

Especially, right from the very beginning, ICANKid has cooperated with Pearson and most recently, the global-famous children entertainment brand Disney, two leading names in the field of education and entertainment.

Since its launch, ICANKid has cooperated with Pearson to build an international standard English program for children to "learn like playing" to pronounce like a native.

Children play and learn on their own, but parents still closely monitor their learning process

When digital content is increasingly difficult to control, children can easily access harmful content that worries many parents, ICANKid was born to solve this problem.

In addition to all the images, lesson information appearing on the application are copyrighted from leading educational partners, carefully selected to be appropriate for the age group and towards comprehensive development for children.

ICANKid helps children play and learn on their own while parents still closely monitor their child's learning process

Just 30 minutes - 1 hour of experience per day on the "learning like playing" application with valuable interactive activities, has brought practical benefits to children's development.

Putting children at the center and meeting the expectations of parents to develop application, ICANKid has received the international certification of kidSAFE, an organization specializing in child safety and privacy consulting. Along with the brands of learning apps for children such as Lingokids, ABCmouse….ICANKid is proud to be a safe and friendly learning application for children's development.

ICANKid is one of two pioneering children's apps in Vietnam, comparable to world-famous apps in terms of safety when awarded the "powerful" kidSAFE seal

The age from 2 to 6 years old is the age that loves to explore and discover many new things. The birth of ICANKid brought a quality learning journey with a true "learning like playing" method for children and also met the wishes of parents. ICANKid said it will continue to add more learning games, entertaining videos, interactive storybooks and interesting characters for children in the near future.